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Mosaic 55 – Short Term Forex

Our debut trading strategy created and premiered on on October 18th, 2017. Mosaic 55 is a market impulse strategy that offers aggressive short term growth. Stops are mandatory and concrete placed above the swing high/low of our entry signals and trailed higher/lower if and when the trade moves in our favor.

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Real Trade Example #1

Long GBP/USD at 1.3178  on 10/25/2017.    Initial Stop Loss  1.3118.

Profit:  74 pips


Real Trade Example  #2

Short AUD/JPY at 87.98  on  10/24/2017.  Initial Stop Loss  88.65.

Profit: 31 pips


Real Trade Example  #3

Long USD/CAD at 1.2897  on  10/31/2017.  Initial Stop Loss  1.2838.

Loss: 13 pips


Real Trade Example  #4

Short EUR/USD at 1.1757  on  10/26/2017.  Initial Stop Loss  1.1819.

Profit: 160 pips

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